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Carrot Restaurant

Carrot Restaurant is an exclusive farm-to-table online USDA approved Dishes provider in USA. Carrot Restaurant is always available for all events, Whether it’s a gathering party or simply a dinner at home. Carrot Restaurant is for everybody, for the vigorous food lover, health attentive, children & senior citizens everyone! Finding it hard to source reliable, top quality fresh food and acknowledging most animals in your local areas. Customers are now becoming more conscious for production & traceability of the nourishing foods they eat.

Hot Sales

Hot and Sour Soup
Classic touch of spicy and sour mixed with vegetables.
Chicken Corn Soup
Crushed and whole sweet corn comes together with a colorful assortment of juicy vegetables
Chilli Paneer
Deep fried paneer sauteed with onions, bell peppers & green chillies
Egg Schezwan Noodles
Chinese noodles added to the spicy sauce with vinegar,soy sauce scrambled eggs and vegetables.
Shrimp Tikka Masala
Shrimp cooked with tomato, cream, caramalized onions and special spices
Chicken Sheekh Kabab
Chicken kheema blended nicely with Indian spices and grilled in the tandoor oven.

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